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06/08/05 maybe meet some guys, some italian guys

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 28: Paris, France - Olympia
Flying on the same day as a show is never the preferred way, but today was just one of those days where the rules had to be broken to make things happen. So we go to the airport in Dublin for an early flight to Paris, fly, and while waiting for our baggage in Charles deGaulle airport, we see some familiar looking blokes sitting over on the bench, obviously waiting for their luggage too. Well, whattaya know, its Oasis. We've never actually ever met them before, but eventually Pat breaks the ice like a trooper, and thank goodness. Turns out theyre big fans of weezer (or at the very least Liam is - hes just a bit more talkative than his brother Noel), and in fact, in Liam's words, weezer is their favorite American band! Now thats cool. After some small talk, its established that while Weezer is on their way to the Olympia gig, Oasis are basically just waiting around till their own TV gig tomorrow. So I slip in a little "do you wanna go to the show tonight?", which is enthusiatically embraced as the plan. When I asked "how many will there be?", they said "A lot." The necessary phone numbers were exchanged amongst tour managers, and the plan was set: Oasis were coming to see weezer tonight!

Off we go thru the busy streets of Paris directly to The Olympia for soundcheck, which is a very nice and rather large venue thats hosted countless famous shows over the years. Come showtime it looked totally full but there was some question as to whether it had actually sold out or not. Well, no matter, it was very full and the crowd was very loud, and thats all that mattered!

After the show, the band met up with Oasis (or rather, part of Oasis, as some of them bailed right after the show for parts unknown), namely Liam Gallagher and Gem Archer and some of their friends/crew, for a rousting round of conversation which was frequently quite hilarious, such as when the Oasis men went into detailed and hysterically funny acting out of several choice parts of the Metallica documentary! Contrary to what you may have read in the press, Liam was warm, friendly, and funny as hell. I guess having just seen his "favorite current American band" didnt hurt the mood! Top men, the lot.

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An attendee chimes in:
"I was at that show and it was so amazing, I almost cried when Rivers closed his eyes during his singing. The songs were so beautiful and the crowd was astonishing. This was my first time at a weezer show and this is something I will remember for the rest of my life. The only thing I need now is Weezer in Iceland, playing a 16 min version of Only In Dreams but that will never happen, but hey you must have something to dream about. I just wanna thank you guys for a great evening and probably the best experience in my life. Rock On." ---bjorn i.

and another:
"Karl, it was great to see your hand on the stage!!! It was a great show, we really enjoyed the old songs from Blue and Pinkerton (Good Life!!!) What went wrong with the Piano on "I'm sorry" and what was the loud farting noise at the beginning of "Beverly Hills"? Respect to Brian for singing "Getchoo" (with a little help from his friends Pat and Scott). Great Crowd-singing on the "sweater song". New songs coming across great and fitting in really well with the rest. We will enjoy the album even more now. Come back soon! Don't wait 4 years again. Roque on!" ---Frenchweez and =w=olf

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