Karl's Corner - 06/11/2008

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06/11/08 Teh Greatest Fan That Evar Livid

06/11/08 Teh Greatest Fan That Evar Livid

*UPDATE* 6/13/08 Happy Birthday to Rivers!

*UPDATE* New Rivers interview in the upcoming Rolling Stone issue (6/26), but its online now.

Check out the "Greatest Fan That Ever Lived" contest, going on right now! You could win the wicked boombox featured in Weezer's "Greatest man That Ever Lived" Mtv 52 Bands clip, that helped the band rock out in the park. Watch the clip, answer a few questions and register to win!

In other news, stay tuned for Hootenanny Mini-Tour info coming soon...

...Webisode #4: "The M Button" should be up (sometime shortly) at imeem.com today! Be sure to check this one out!

...Weezer collectors! While the Weezer Collector's Discography [currently still known as "Tunes: The Weezer Discography"] awaits updates and additions, Richard V's excellent "WeezerCollector" site keeps on ticking, now in the process of updating for Red Album madness! If you are trying to track down rare singles, promo items and other unusual weezer stuff, you need to check in with WeezerCollector - if nothing else, you'll see some cool stuff to get jealous of! (happy 25th Richard!)

Tribute Band alert: 'Our name is Jonas' is playing Saturday June 28th at 10 pm at The Screamin' Eagle (Formerly Known as Andrews) in Ypsilanti, MI.