Karl's Corner - 06/14/2001

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6/14/01 To Finland! + more fans' Green Album Reports...

"Last night at 2 am I was driving 75 mph on a 55 mph highway. All of a sudden i see a car pull out behind me, and sure enough, I get pulled over. The cop asks for my license and regstration, and then he asks me if the cd I was listening to was the new weezer album. Sure enough it was, he smiled, and then he told me to keep the speed down. Thank you weezer for saving me 80 bucks!" --Paul Z.

"...Finland, Finland, Finland, the country where I quite like to be...eating breakfast or dinner...or snack lunch in the car...Finland, Finland, Finland, Finland has it all!" -Monty Python

Today we headed over to Heathrow arirport early and got on a Finnair jet to Helsinki, Finland. There we connected to another jet which took us to the smaller city of Vassa. There we boarded a bus and cruised out to an even smaller town, where we shacked up at the local hotel. Apparently we are very close to the site of the ProvinssiRock Festival. Day one of the festival was today, but you'd never know it from this sleepy little town! Everyone is super excited to play weezer's first ever show in Finland tomorrow!

Green Album Radio/Video Reports part 12: 6/4+...what YOUR requests are doing...
(note the reports from 4/10-5/31 have been moved to the Fans' news pages,
which will be back shortly (if you bookmarked them before I think theyre still accessable...) (and see 5/12 below for part 8, and 5/18 for part 9, 5/31 for part 10, 6/3 for part 11)
Want to request the song from anywhere in the country?
A fan has set up a handy Radio Station Contact List Page with phone #s and email links to many stations nationwide!

...Austin: KROX 101.5 is playing "Hash Pipe" a lot, not as much as
that annoying Staind song, but almost as much. They
also throw in an oldie once or twice a day (Buddy
Holly, Say it Ain't So, Undone). I also see the video
on Austin Music Network (unedited) every now and then.

...to the kids having the weezer prom. muscle shoals high school in muscle
shoals,alabama already had that prom. but our only in dreams prom was in
2000. and we got the shirts(complete with hidden =w= logo) to prove it

...Hash pipe has been in heavy heavy heavy rotation here in Atlanta. I just
wanted to let you know that on a program called "Sunday School" the DJ named
Jay debuted Photograph about two weeks ago and said "this will be one of the
best albums of the year."

...some info on "Hash Pipe"
in the UK, it been played on Radio 1 (the main radio
station) on the alternative shows, so thats good, its
getting out there. Also i heard it in the middle of
the day on a show, which means its moving up the
playlist. Theres a ladder sysytem of Playlists A B &
C, so to be played in the day means its problbly on B,
which is good for a rock band. The best place to look
for information is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1
This should tell you about what action its getting on
radio 1. The single is also getting a played quite a
bit on M2, Kerrang and Q music channels over here.

...It seems that The Point 101.1FM (the only modern rock station on Maui)
has decided to cut back on the constant playing of Everclear in order to
slip in "Hash Pipe" every once in awhile. I'd say that it's on medium
rotation. C'mon kids, just let's rawk!

...After requesting for at least 2 weeks everyday Hash Pipe, you did it. Mission accomplished : Weezer rates #1 on the French radio station, which is the most popular in France.

...Weezer's new album was played in its entirety 6/3/01 on 88.3 WXOU Oakland
University Radio, Rochester Michigan. The djs got so goofy excited it was
almost unbearable.

...Houston: I keep requesting on the BUZZ. I see it listed on
their webpage for the play list, but have yet to hear it. I'll keep my
fingers crossed.

...Just heard "island in the sun" on 91X today, here in San Diego, CA. It was an
unexpected, but definitely nice surprise!!!

...99x does play Weezer as much as any other alt-rock station around the country probably does, but a few days ago I heard one of the dj's refer to the new album as "Weezer's 2nd album".....(!!!)

...i only listen to 99x and "hash
pipe" is played alot, but i'm still waiting on "island in the sun" or
anything old during the normal rotations. there is actually a commercial on
99x referring to weezer recording 12 new songs (after the green album) and
"steve" refers to the "green album" as weezer's second.

...Hash Pipe was the number one requested song
yesterday on Vermont's 102.7 WEQX.

...Driving and listening to WMSE 91.7(Milwaukee's
college--and only good--radio station), I found out I
had just missed "Don't Let Go"(they played it right
next to Guttermouth, too, accoding to the dj...all
right!). So the Green Album is getting some play over

.... a couple of
weekends ago our radio station (107.1 wpgu, urbana, champaign, IL) played
the top 500 modern rock songs of all time, and here is where weezer
409 - el scorcho - weezer
268 - say it ain't so - weezer
158 - undone the sweater song - weezer
112 - buddy holly - weezer

...WXAV 88.3FM Chicago: Everyone at the station loves the new CD. The CD is
getting great airplay.

...tidbits from the UK.
- There was this top 10 videos thing on MTV and Hash Pipe got voted
number 7 by viewers.
- When the title of the track came up it said "Half Pipe," though the
word "hash" when sung *wasn't* censored. Strange.
- There was an advert for MTV VMA, and Hash Pipe was playing in the
background, and Weezer were mentioned as one of the bands that were

...Witchita, KS: Just a note to let you know Weez doesn't get any play here in Cowtown. T-95 can't seem to fit it in between Ozzy and Limp Cookie. Seemed to be selling
well, though, at the Wherehouse Music I picked the green album up at.

...Brasil: Wednesday i was hearing Radio Cidade, wich is the only radio that play rock in Rio de Janeiro(and usually old crap stuff) but this time Weezer was played!!! Yes!!! They played Hash Pipe at a ::::program hosted by João Gordo , a famous hardcore/ punk singer of the band Ratos de Porão. He loved the song and he said that Weezer is one of his favourite bands from the 90's. By the way, the band was ::::introduced in this program as #1 in Peru!!!!!!! Holy Momma!!!!!!

... "MTV2 Concert." ...As a part of their HFStival coverage on Saturday June 9, MTV2 played the entire Weezer Convention from the HFStival and a block of Weezer videos from
10-11 ET at night....It started off with an
"home made movie" like of one of the hooptie shows.
This show aired for about an 40 minutes. There were a
bunch of balloons around with =w= on them...etc, i
think somewhere in NY. Anyways this amateur video was
really cool cause it made you feel like you were right
in the front row. Following the show was the Sweater
song and Hash Pipe. I never thought i'd see the day
with the "weezer hour"....It was a great surprise and I even saw
you and your trusty digital camera!

...Hash Pipe is playing on MTV Germany and Viva

...I didn't know if you knew but Hash Pipe reached the #1 spot on Edge 102's
New Rock 30. The Toronto station of course, in Toronto.

...HASH PIPE is #1 on Zikweb-RTL ,a french radio, for the second
week running!!

...I was listenin' to 104.5 the Edge (in Tulsa, Ok.) on the way to work and Hash Pipe was number one on the Out of Order countdown. I think it may have been a national show,
but either way, it was good to start the day with some Weezer.

...Go to www.1077theend.com and look at the peoples choice countdown under endmusic.
If it was like I saw today...Weezer will be both #1 and #8!!!!
Number 1 being Island In The Sun and number 8 of course being Hash Pipe.

...Bath, UK: Hash pipe isn't being played much on the radio here - but there aren't many alternative radio stations in the UK (except for london) ... in fact the only radio station specific to Bath, the city ::::where i live... advertises itself as not playing *any* rock music, so I don't think hash pipe is even on their playlist! MTV2 aren't playing it much either, but I've seen it a couple of times and it's cool!

...well it was only the hash pipe video but damn it, it was unedited and playing
on a station called "COLLEGE TELEVISION NETWORK" I am at the local community
college here in Pueblo Colorado to get my learners permit and during lunch
time, low and behold, weezer in all their glory. I shrieked like a little
girl and drooled uncontrollably due to my surprise. Although the lyrics were
unedited the title read
".... Pipe"

...Indonesia: 'Hash Pipe' got to number one on the MTV On Sky 101.6 FM Top 40 chart and to number three on the Prambors 102.3 FM Top 40 for the week of June 2-9. This is very good news, 'cause these are the ::::two most listened to (and hippest) radio stations in town, and it means the kids aren't messing their heads with rap metal so much anymore.

...weezer was on TRL today at number 14... and carson slipped and actually called it "hash pipe" god bless him

...(WGRD) here in Grand Rapids, MI has voted "Hashpipe" #1 most reqeusted song and the Green Album the most wanted cd in West Michigan.