Karl's Corner - 06/15/2008

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06/15/08 Hootenanny!

06/15/08 Hootenanny!

Okay folks, this li'l hootenanny is hitting the road for whats looking like a west coast foray...

THIS TUESDAY JUNE 17: Phoenix! The Phoenix Edge radio station is holding a contest to determine who's coming to sing and play along with weezer in a private jam session with the band - to be recorded to on-air play! If you are chosen, bring an instrument (or at least your voice and hands)! You must be as prepared as you can be to help weezer rock these songs out! So be prepared to sing along and (if you can) play an instrument (any instrument! really!) to the following songs:

Pork And Beans
Island In The Sun
Creep (by Radiohead)
Say It Aint So
El Scorcho
Beverly Hills

The band has recorded a special video clip for you to both announce the shows and to let you know critical details about how to play the songs! Definitely watch this video, youll need it to know what key the songs are in and other musical details!!

* For the moment the video is on ourYouTube Channel and MySpace page! (It will soon also be on our here on weezer.com.) (direct Youtube link )(direct MySpace Video link)

Thursday 6/19: Portland, OR! Friday 6/20: San Francisco, CA! Saturday 6/21: Seattle, WA!

Monday 6/23: Los Angeles!

(note: The song list will probably be changing somewhat for each hootenanny)

(Note that another, probably bigger Los Angeles Hootenanny is now in the planning stages but wont be happening for a little while. Details to follow.)

...also, the NPR interview with Rivers is now online. Good stuff, check it!

Hey, heres the Hootenanny video, right here right now!