Karl's Corner - 06/20/2008

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6/20/08 San Fran Hootenanny!

6/20/08 San Fran Hootenanny!
06/20/08 San Fran Hootenanny!

***New Webisode #5 up now on the Media page! (or just scroll down here) Check it out!

Today was the San Francisco Hootenanny, which was actually across the bay in Alameda, in what was once the Officer's Club at the former Alameda Naval Air Station. This was a particularly special location for Scott, who was actually stationed here as a young Marine some 20 years back. Scott talked to the crowd abiut his expericnce here and the weird emotions he felt at returning under such different circumstances. He then dedicated "Creep" to his commanding officer who agreed to let Scott discharge from the Marines to pursue music. Pretty cool!

...Speaking of Scott, check out this unusual and detailed interview with him in Inked tattoo magazine!

Were you at the SF hoot? Post your story here in the comments!

Webisode #5! "The Plots Of Scott"!