Karl's Corner - 06/21/2008

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06/21/08 Seattle Hootenanny!

06/21/08 Seattle Hootenanny!

Today's Hootenanny was held in Seattle's recently relocated Vera Project, a very cool all ages art+rock venue replete with stage and everything. So the setting was the one that most resembled a normal rock tour date, but the approach used remained radical. The band did not take the stage, but rather spread out on the main floor in a triangle, with the orchestra of contest winners spread out all around them. Certain folks were put up on the stage, those with the giant double basses and such, and there were so many people trying to squeeze in that there had to be some overflow put up on the balcony - which ended up being a big help for "Beverly Hills" with the big footstomping beat.

All in all, each Hootenanny has been quite unique and special in their own way, even though the setlist remained the same so far. Its been fascinating to see these performances coalese out of thin air each show. There always seems to be someone stepping up just in time to do a needed part, and the collective energy has been amazing. Kudos to both the contest winners for their energy and talents, and to the band and crew and radio stations for guiding and coordinating things on the fly so artfully.

Seattle Hootenanners - post your comments on the show here!