Karl's Corner - 06/23/2008

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06/23/08 Century City (Yahoo Live Sets) Hootenanny!

06/23/08 Century City (Yahoo Live Sets) Hootenanny!

, Well, as we locked in the Century City Hootenanny details, initially there were worries that it would be hard to sustain the great vibes that happened on the tour, given the more "official" location and circumstances of the Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets taping. Once you have people with walkie talkies tripping over each other, fire marshalls, etc, its easy to see how the loose and fun spirit could be squelched out of a Hootenanny. However, once the contest winners came in and things got going, it became obvious that these fears were unfounded! Not only was the Hootenanny fun and great, it was in fact the most free form and spontaneous jam yet!

In fact several unplanned "between song" jams erupted, usually starting as a group of fans kicked it off and with the band joining in for some unscheduled fun. The "extra" songs were "Troublemaker", "Jamie", and "Surf Wax America". The actual setlist was Pork And Beans, Radiohead's Creep, Island In The Sun, Say It Ain't So, El Scorcho, Automatic, and Beverly Hills.

Some special guests on hand (and singing and playing along of course!) included Joe Matt, Eric from The Relationship, Jose from Ozma, and Rivers' ol' budrow and early Amherst house resident Adam Orth, who posted this picture-laden blog about his experience at the Hoot.

Today's photo (large size here), is a painting done special for Yahoos wall of band paintings. They ask every band who does the Live Sets to paint something for their big wall. I was assinged to the task, and Bokkus was the only answer.

Hey, more Pictures! #1, #2, #3, #4.

As seen in Picture #1, Pat's knee surgery is imminent! Wish him well!

The Live Sets hootenanny video should be online approximately 7/15. Not confirmed yet, but it should be around then. Will post confirmation when we have it.

Were you there? Post your tale here!