Karl's Corner - 06/24/2008

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06/24/08 new Weezer AOL sessions!

06/24/08 new Weezer AOL sessions!

New Weezer AOL Sessions! 6 songs in all plus a Q+A! ...Okay, looks like AOL is having a bit of a tech issue. They say everything will be working good as of tomorrow morning (Wed 6/25). Sorry for the wait. (AOL link here, also they are linked off our media page).

...Pat's knee surgery is today! wish him the best!

...Here's a great report on the San Fran Hootenanny on SPIN.com, featuring nice videos of the performances of "Creep" and "Beverly Hills"!

...folks, here's your chance to get your hands on a piece of real weezer history. Way back in 1994 and 1995, weezer had a then state-of-the-art Sega Genesis on tour with them. Everyone would play NHL 95 for hours as we rolled along in the bus, and when things didnt go well, the console got punched! But it survived! Then in '98, I decided to use the console and games as a fan club contest prize, for desigining the new fanclub t-shirt. One Tracy Chang won for her aweome "I'm A Weezer Fan" design, and we shipped her the box of Sega classics.

Now Tracy has decided to let this priceless memento go ("It's still in good working order!" she says), and it's on ebay for whoever wins it! Check it out!