Karl's Corner - 06/26/2005

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06/26/05 a little boy, Jimmy McBean, made a stool for him

...Weezer has achieved a pair of new milestones. "Beverly Hills" has risen to #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart, which is the very first time Weezer has done that in their career! To quote this week's Chartbeat column, " "Beverly Hills" (Geffen) is the 11th Weezer song to chart on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart, but the first to claim the No. 1 position. The cut from the "Make Believe" album moves 2-1 this week, besting the No. 2 peak of Weezer's previously highest-charting titles, "Buddy Holly" in 1994 and "Hash Pipe" in 2001. Weezer made its Modern Rock debut the week of July 23, 1994, with "Undone -The Sweater Song," which reached No. 6. "Beverly Hills" is the sixth Weezer song to make the Modern top 10."

The other milestone is that the "Beverly Hills" single has been certified gold, which is (I think) weezer's first ever gold selling single. It's a bit ironic, when these sales are almost all digital file sales, meaning that 100,000 intangible download sales equal a gold single nowadays! Well, its certainly more eco-friendly than pressing up 100K cds or 45's, so what the hey. Those still desiring something you can hold in your hand (like me) will have to content themselves with the finely crafted UK cd single and picturedisc 7".

...See this article at ChartAttack for Oasis's comments on meting weezer recently...

...the current Rock Sound (UK) mag #74, with System Of A Down on the cover features a 3 page Weezer interview.

...other random bits and pieces:

Beverly hills hit #1 on X 103.9 SoCal.

Beverly Hills has reached #7 on Belgium radio station "Studio Brussel"'s "De Afrekening" chart show, up from #13. And in Brazil on "Brasil 2000" radio São Paulo, "This Is Such a Pity" and "Beverly Hills" are on the playlist.

The Beverly Hills video has been spotted playing on 2 TV stations in Russia, including Russian MTV. Its also finally cracked into Canada's MuchMusic Countdown, debuting at #26 (hat tip: Matt)

"We Are All On Drugs" seeing lots of play on Boston's WBCN 104.1, the 7th most played song on theeee station! (Beverly Hills at #2!)

"Perfect Situation" has been getting some incidental play on the "Love Line" radio show. Its in rotation on L.A.'s mighty KROQ. On Iowa's 105.1, 'Perfect situation' was played on "The Detour" and 'We Are All On Drugs' on the "Vibe-rater". Meanwhile, 104.5 The Edge recently played 4 Weezer tracks in a row as part of their "Block Party Weekend" - Peace, Beverly Hills, Undone, and My Name is Jonas. And 96 Wave in Charleston, SC has been playing Perfect Situation, My Best Friend, Peace, Pardon Me, and Beverly Hills. Also, numerous tracks from 'Make Believe' were heard on NBC's recent broadcast of Arena Football's Superbowl.

"Western canada's most listened to rock radio show" played "We Are All On Drugs" on 5/25 as one of host Jeff O'Neil's 2 favourite new tracks out of 50 new cds. "this is one of those songs you can ask me about in 4 months and I'll still love it..."

...more Make Believe reviews:
People magazine (dated 6/6): 3 stars.
Total Guitar magazine (Europe) 4 stars.
Maxim magazine: 4 out of 5 stars.

...random future weezer sighting (of sorts): The Weezer "Supergirls" poster (from 2001, illustrated by Adrian Tomine) will be making an appearance in an upcoming film called Sky High, as a decoration in the lead character's bedroom. "Sky High" comes out July 29th.

...ESPN's The Sports Guy mentions weezer in his latest column.