Karl's Corner - 07/09/2008

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07/09/08 The Red Album: The Whys and Wherefores

07/09/08 The Red Album: The Whys and Wherefores

Check out Weezer’s “Making of The Red Album” video now exclusively debuting on AOL Music Homepage and Spinner.com!

...Hey weezer peeps - we're in the midst of a li'l summer break at the moment, with the weez men scattered and engaging in various forms of R+R before their reunification for the purposes of the other two R+R's (Rehearsal and Rocking the crowd), later this summer.

Patrick thanks all for your support of his recently re-anointed knee. He says the last "support strip" came off today and while the knee is still swollen, its not painful. He's being encouraged to exercise it, as it will heal up fast that way. So he will be spending time at the gym every day to build his leg back up to rock and roll capability.

Meanwhile Scott's looking forward to celebrating his birthday this coming Friday, 7/11! Wish him a good one!

...This coming Saturday in Tokyo, Japan is the 4th annual "Weezer Night", created by and for the fans, held in the Shinjuku district in the famous "Rolling Stone" club.

Todays picture (large size here) is Weezer Night 4's supercool poster, made by Nami from Tokyo who also had this to say about Weezer Night 4:

"This time so many people want to join EVER!!! It's just like many people need to wait for the cancellation to come and join the event. You can see that how much we want to dance and sing for Weezer and simply all staff are very happy about this.

"This poster will be on the all walls in the club, that means this poster will be everywhere!

"Japanese fans with warm hearts and hot passion like to dance and sing for Weezer with smiling faces, and if you could imagine us even a bit, then we are more than happy."

Nami is also excited (as are many others in Japan) about the upcoming Weezer shows in Japan in September. Details about that, and about the subsequent USA tour in the fall, are coming as soon as we have them.

...Coming next Tuesday, 7/15: The video from the Nissan Live Sets On Yahoo! Music! (AKA the Century City Hootenanny!) By the end of the day on 7/15, the feature will launch on the Yahoo Music site, here.