Karl's Corner - 07/22/2004

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07/22/04 royale with beats

summer recording session, day 1. A fresh start for Album 5. December '03's recordings have been shelved in favor of what starts on this day. Projected completion of recording in about a month's time; mixing, etc to follow.

...check out the audio video page for five new video clips. These clips were all nearly on the Weezer DVD but didn't make it for one reason or another. The reasons (because some are sure to ask) were anything from redundancy (i.e. too many clips fromthe same time period or too similar to each other), picture quality (which didnt stop much from getting on the DVD, but there could only be so much "rough stuff"), sound quality (ditto), and in one case, the piece not actually surfacing untill after the DVD "put to bed". But they were all worthy of fan viewing, so stream and/or download away!

(reminder: this is on the stands now! read about Pat's car, etc.)