Karl's Corner - 07/22/2008

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07/22/08 In The Land Of The King

07/22/08 In The Land Of The King

...Thanks to all on behalf of Scott for his birthday wishes. Scott celebrated with a bowling party in L.A. Here he is with his buddies Velvet Revolver's Dave Kushner (and son Waylon) and Bryson. Scott also recently went on a special road trip to the deep South (Memphis, TN and Mobile, AL) with his lady, where they paid homage to Elvis at Graceland and the famous Sun Studios where The King was discovered and more Rock history went down than one could shake a stick at. No word on whether Scott sang "King" (or if he was devastated by the aura of Rock N' Roll history) (though I suspect he was.) Then in Mobile they went and saw the legendary Tom Waits in concert.

...Folks, the DanceJam "Pork And Beans" dance contest is still going, and theres still time to get your entry in! Dont miss your chance to change the history of dance for ever.... and win $$$ and weezer tickets!

...More Weezer tribute band info!
* The Sweaters are playing at Numbers in Houston, TX, Thursday July 24. "We'll be playing songs from most of the albums, even 'Greatest Man.'"
* Güisel are playing at the Cinema Cafe in Santo Domigo, Dominican Republic(!!!), Saturday July 26 at 10PM (admission = $RD 200 Dominican Pesos). "We will be playing songs from the complete weezer discography including a couple of b-sides".

...coming soon: the L.A. Hootenanny info - coming up in August! Tour info to follow asap!