Karl's Corner - 08/09/2004

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08/09/04 right now 1/2 is 1/4 done and one half is 3/8ths...

summer recording session, day 17. Today Rivers did guitar overdubs on a number of tracks, as well as some tambourine overdubbing and some vocal work. Later Scott came in and tackled another song with bass overdubs. Depending on who is asked, anywhere from 4 to 8 of the songs will end up being re-done soon. As the songs start to come together with the overdubs, their nature changes, and it doesnt always feel like it was predicted to feel when 'fleshed out'. This is a common occurance and has been the case on all weezer records to date (for example, note the chart in the recording history showing the numerous new takes that happened of the same songs while making the green album.) The only trick this time around is to get all the work done with some efficiency, as there is only so many days to work with before Rivers breaks for his fall semester. Everyone is working really hard and doing an amazing job so far, so the word is "steady on, lads"!