Karl's Corner - 08/14/2008

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08/14/08 Be In The Troublemaker Video! Go To Weezer at KROQ!

08/14/08 Be In The Troublemaker Video! Go To Weezer at KROQ!

Im in a Flying J truckstop parking lot in Western North Dakota, using some country fried rodeo wi-fi to get these urgent messages to you the people! Never mind WHY im in North Dakota, just know that when important news must get to you, we here at weezer.com spare no effort!

First of all, L.A. area fans might have heard the announcements on KROQ radio, for the upcoming "Kevin And Bean Breakfast With Weezer"! This is coming up this coming Monday the 18th, and the ONLY way to get in is to be the 20th caller when they announce it at random on KROQ.... so listen! Call! Try! Anyone who has been to one knows how special and intimate these cool "Breakfast" shows are.

Now for the crazy one - TROUBLEMAKER VIDEO SHOOT! In the spirit of the recent Hootenannys, yet going far FAR beyond that at the same time (you'll see...heh heh), is the upcoming video shoot for "Troublemaker". This is taking place in L.A., and Weezer needs you! (and you.... and you.... a LOT of you!) for this shoot. The MAIN requirements are:

* You must be available on August 21st in the Los Angeles Area

* email weezervideo@gmail.com ...NOW.

If/when you get approved, you'll learn more details, like what to wear, what to bring, times, places, etc. Hope to see you there!!!

AND - head on over to IMVU to win Weezer tix and get your avatar on!

...note to people who preordered the Red Album thru iTunes and are expecting a presale password - what I have heard so far is that you will be emailed, but this hasnt happened yet. You havent been forgotten, and wont be denied a ticket.

...Check out the latest issue of American Songwriter magazine for a nice cover story on Weezer. Available on the newsstands or online (w/o pictures) here.

...Weezer tribute band alert!
Say It Aint... Weezer from Portland, OR will be playing Berbati's Pan Saturday August 23rd in Portland OR, and the Thirsty Lion on Friday Sept 12th in Portland OR - "This is what we're calling "Project Pinkerton"; where a contest winner gets to pick our set list for the night."

...todays artwork by "Freaky Deaky Dawn".