Karl's Corner - 08/18/2008

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08/14/08 Be In The Troublemaker Video! Go To Weezer at KROQ!

08/18/08 Impending Breakfast with das Kevin und der Bean

People, today is the Weezer Breakfast With Kevin And Bean performance at KROQ in L.A., and some of you were caller 20, and are going! If you enter the hallowed halls of Kroq, and see the Weez play this fast-breaking performance, please add your comment to this news and lettuce know how it went from your perspective. (And the performace actually airs Tuesday morning, so tune in!)

...Note that the original plan to have a big L.A. Hootenanny has been for now replaced by this Kevinish and Beany event, combined with some rather Hootenanny-like craziness at the upcoming video shoot! The Hoot is patient. The Hoot has the power.

...And if youve been taking a big nap - theres still time to get in on the record breaking Troublemaker video shoot, coming up this Thursday the 21st! Send an email and you could be in there! The MAIN requirements are:
* You must be available on Thursday August 21st in the Los Angeles Area
* email weezervideo@gmail.com ...NOW.

If/when you get approved, you'll learn more details, like what to wear, what to bring, times, places, etc. Hope to see you there!!!

...AND don't forget! Head on over to IMVU to win Weezer tix and get your avatar on!

...UK's MTV2 have shortlisted ‘Buddy Holly’ in their greatest videos of all time list. It now gets put forward for the public vote, to create the definitive greatest video poll. VOTE for Buddy Holly! You know its got to get on up there! (Buddy Holly’ is 2nd from bottom on the page)

...UK fans: there will be a UK "Troublemaker" single, out on September 29. B-side info TBA.

...Interesting and detailed Weezer song blog (not an mp3 blog), with commentary, criticism, etc on tons of famous and obscure weezer songs here.

...and finally, in the "inexplicable" department, "Island In The Sun" makes (just) manages to make it onto this list of The Art Of Manliness' 52 best workout songs.