Karl's Corner - 08/20/2004

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08/20/04 maybe don't be a sitzpinkler

...summer recording session, day 27. The whole band got an early start and re-tracked (started over) on a song that was sort of 'sitting in the penalty box'. Excellent progress was made. Then there was a listening and analyzing session on overall album progress to date, and plotting the next moves.

clarification: these recording sessions are in fact for the new album - they are not demo sessions. Also, the songs being recorded now are not 'brand new', they have been worked up since early this year as demos, over the entire springtime, by Rivers. In some cases, they were developed from songs being worked on in '03, but underwent such changes as to now be totally distinct from their origins. Basically, these 12 songs are 'new', but 'new' means early and spring 2004 (not last week or whatever). Also, there is the possibility of trying some additional songs if there is time, and such material could be '04 or '03 stuff.