Karl's Corner - 09/02/2008

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09/02/08 takedown, shakedown, yer busted

09/02/08 takedown, shakedown, yer busted

...Band rehearsals have just wrapped up after many weeks of hard work, sorting out the songs and the gameplan for the upcoming shows in Japan and the USA. Last Thursday, a very small audience was let into the studio to watch a sneak preview of the band running thru their set, rough n' ready style. This was the first full electric weezer show of any sort in nearly 3 years, and the set was loaded with suprises and classics alike. Come on down to a show near you, folks, you will like what you see and hear!

...Red Album DELUXE VINYL. Folks, the Red Album Deluxe Edition has now been pressed as a strictly limited 180g 2xLP audiophile set, with the full deluxe liner notes and photos. This set was crafted (and I do mean crafted, one piece at a time), starting with the mastering, done by Kevin Gray at AcousTech Mastering. The vinyl pressing was done at the legendary RTI facility, where true artisans are at work. The album cover and inner sleeves printing were made at Stoughton Printing, and the center labels were printed by G&M Graphics.

You can be sure that this edition of the Red Album is the definitive one, and will look and sound amazing! The finished LPs are en route now, and I believe they will be featured in the (coming soon) all new weezer online store, as well as select retail outlets. They may be a tour item as well, haven't heard for sure yet. Check out this video of the Deluxe LP pressing process (set to "Dreamin'"), courtesy Tom Vadakan and Robert Lepe!

...The Winner of the Dance Jam Pork N' Beans Signature Dance Contest will be announced very soon. If you havent seen the many crazy submissions, go here and check them out!

...SoCal Be warned! Weezer is doing a pirate takeover of 106.7 KROQ-FM very soon! Hear weird songs that KROQ never plays but weezer likes! Hear bad jokes! Hear good ones too!

...Special tour note! Brian's other band The Relationship has been added to the lineup of the 3 California shows on the upcoming tour. San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego will all have Brian pulling double duty as opener in The Relationship and headliner in Weezer.

...Speaking of Red Albums, the Deluxe Japanese Red Album CD version comes out in Japan tomorrow (9/3). This edition includes the expanded Deluxe tracklist plus 3 additional tracks including the exclusive Japanese B-Side "Meri-Kuri" (featuring Rivers singing in Japanese), as well as a bonus all-region DVD that has a bunch of cool stuff on it. Remember the talk of a live Weezer DVD a few years ago? Well, for some reason that plan went belly-up, but the footage was saved, and now 7 tracks from those late 2005 shows in Japan will be available on this bonus DVD. Also there will be behind the scenes stuff from that tour (breifly and mysteriously previewed on YouTube some months ago), an Electronic Press Kit (interview and song by song commentary for the Red Album), and the Pork And Beans video in its first(?) official physical release. Yes, the Japanese always seem to get the good stuff. But in todays global society, the good stuff gets around!