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09/10/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 2: Fukuoka

09/10/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 2: Fukuoka

Now were cooking with gas! Very cool show at the excellent Zepp club in Fukuoka, involving everything from a childrens song sing along led by Rivers for his baby daughter (who loved it), to a small but successful Hootenanny, to sweaty crowdsurfing as the band brought the rock. Pretty much every aspect of the show was improved over last night, and in the words of Pat, "it's just going to keep getting better".

Opening band Holidays Of Seventeen had a good show too, and their lead man joined the hootenanny as well. For some reason there are rarely if ever opening acts in Japan, but on this tour we are bucking the trend. The two "big" shows coming up in Osaka and Tokyo are actually being billed as "Weezer Festivals", with Japan bands Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Going Under Ground) opening. Both bands are reportedly big fans of weezer, and are very happy to be part of the shows. Asian Kung-Fu Generation is actually huge here, and certainly doesnt need to be an opening act anymore. But they are stoked on playing the Weezer Festival, and of course weezer is stoked to be playing with both these bands. It can be lonely being the only band at the gig!

Heres some pictures from the show:

Japan Hootenanny People: Watch this instructional video! (how to play the 3 songs - Island In The Sun, El Scorcho, Beverly Hills):

Tomorrow is a day off - we fly to Tokyo and then proceed to walk around Shibuya district slack jawed, staring at the pretty lights.

So far I'm averaging one visit to Mos Burger per day in Japan. Many thanks to Rie for the fancy Mos T-shirt! Also have discovered the "Coolish" brand frozen milkshake(?) in a foil squeeze pouch. Mmm.

...other stuff:

Fuse TV contest - win tickets, airfare and spending $ to the Weezer show in San Diego! Check it out.

Cover Band Alert: 'Our Name Is Jonas' is playing Friday 9/12 at the Wintergarden in Livonia, MI. "Come check out all the great Weezer Rarities and Hits!"

The top 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever as compiled by MTV2: Weezer - Buddy Holly #9, Weezer - Island in the Sun #90.

The top 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever as compiled by VH1: Weezer - Buddy Holly #26

The MTV greatest video ever competition is still going on as well - 'Buddy Holly' is in the running!