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09/27/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 9: Camden - Susquehanna Center

09/27/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 9: Camden - Susquehanna Center

Philadelphia (which Camden NJ is in the sphere of, of course) has always been good to Weezer. From the earliest days when the fans would lie down around the tour bus, their bodies spelling out "WEEZER", to the incredible support of the dearly departed Y100 radio station (kudos to Jim Mcguinn for his continued support via Y-Rock On XPN), to the insane shows at the Electric Ballroom, Philly (as Spinal Tap put it best) is a real rock n roll town. Tonights show at the Susquehanna Center proved this true once again! Packed to the gills with party people, this summer shed turned winter arena was loud, steamy and rather raucous. Good times!

(Speaking of Y-Rock On XPN , listen this Thurs as Rivers and Brian take over the station!)

Weezer played this place twice before, first on July 25, 2001 for a radio show. Amongst the many bands that fateful day were Tenacious D, one of their earliest appearances outside of L.A.. And in 2002, the Enlightenment Tour rolled thru in more warm temperatures and rocked the whole joint, lawn included!

Big ups to weerez.com for making it down for the show!

Here are some pictures from the show (click on a picture to see it bigger):




RIVERS NEEDS YOUR STICKERS! Rivers needs to decorate his drum kit (the one on the side of the stage, not Pat's in the middle), and he wants stickers to do it. Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars; now - er, wait - I mean, years ago, Rivers asked for stickers for his guitar, and hundreds of you tossed envelopes loaded with crazy stickers onstage for days - his Stratocasters were quickly plastered! Can we count on you guys to come thru again? However you can get them to us works - if you see me, pass em over - if youre close to the stage, toss em up! Just write "Stickers for Rivers" on the envelope! Thanks people!

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