Karl's Corner - 09/28/2001

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9/28/01 Dee Cee

...Special Note! the band's publicist has informed the band that they're "up for" playing the Dave Letterman show, and that it could happen in a few days! We are super excited and really hope it works out, as the band has not appeared on Letterman since they performed "Say it Ain't So" there in 1995. If this is happening, it will be announced all over weezer.com. BUT... it might not happen. Gotta wait and see.

...Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA: On the way to the gig we drove past the Pentagon, seeing first hand the damage from the terrorist attack on 9/11. After seeing it on TV for the last few weeks, it was surreal to see it in person, and to think that one morning not too long ago a jetliner streaked out of the sky and just ran right into the thing. The area is so open there, there must have been hundreds of people who were just driving along, or just looking out the window of their hotel room, and saw it happen. Incredible. To all the victims, we salute you again.

Well over 9000 fans stuffed themselves into this "mid sized" arena, which was unusual on this tour because it was fully General Admission, even with the seating areas. So an unusually large proportion of people stuffed the floor, and once the music started, you could see various people opting out, to return to the "not so stuffed and rough" seated areas. Tonight saw the debut of another brand new song, "Fall Together", for which Rivers apologized in advance for any overly-metal sounds. Well I didn't think it sounded too metal!