Karl's Corner - 09/30/2008

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09/30/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 11: Toronto - Air Canada Centre


eezer has returned to Canada, the brotherly land north of the border. Tonights show at the Air Canada Centre was regarded as pretty excellent by most accounts, though I noticed that in the home of the Maple Leafs there was a good deal less body checking than the other day in Detroit, despite what was clearly an extremely loud and stoked audience. My theory is that the Canadian Rocking Party Style (CRPS) involves allowing the professional hockey player to do the moshing, whilst observing from a short distance. As there were no professional hockey players actually in attendance (so far as I know), the moshing was ergo on the light side. Plus people are naturally (and refreshingly) polite up here. Well anyway, the end result was still rock and roll, no matter how it was sliced. As a matter of fact, at least one band member was heard to say post show that this was by far the most fun night of the tour so far. We are deep in the groove now, and theres no stopping the soul train!

Another aspect that many agreed was the best yet was today's backstage catering. Kudos to Capers!

Before the show, the band did an interview with MuchMusic, waaaaay up past the nosebleed section, on the fabled "6th floor" where apparently you need a special card (or membership in the Hockey Hall Of Fame?) to get up to. It was a bit dizzying up there. And there were a lot of nice vintage hockey pictures everywhere, showing the helmetless young hockey players of yore who looked far older than they really were due to hard livin'.

Here are some pix from tonight's show (click on them to see them bigger)




RIVERS NEEDS YOUR STICKERS! Rivers needs to decorate his drum kit (the one on the side of the stage, not Pat's in the middle), and he wants stickers to do it. Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars; now - er, wait - I mean, years ago, Rivers asked for stickers for his guitar, and hundreds of you tossed envelopes loaded with crazy stickers onstage for days - his Stratocasters were quickly plastered! Can we count on you guys to come thru again? However you can get them to us works - if you see me, pass em over - if youre close to the stage, toss em up! Just write "Stickers for Rivers" on the envelope! Thanks people!

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