Karl's Corner - 10/01/2002

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10/01/02 in ancient Rome there was a poem about a dog who found 2 bones

"...I just wanted to let the band know that they have a fan in uniform here in Afghanistan. I've been deployed here in support of "Operation Enduring Freedom". Fortunately I was able to bring my cd player along with Maladroit. I've been sitting here in desert rocking out to Weezer to pass the time. I just wanted the group to know that they are making the time pass a little easier while I'm here in the middle east. Keep Rockin."
---SPC Sean ______
Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

...welcome to October. The Oct 17th Rolling Stone [frightening shirtless Keith Richards cover] issue has the results of their reader poll for the "100 greatest albums of all time", and weezer fans definitely made their presence known! All 4 of weezers albums to date made the list, with Maladroit at #91, Blue+Green [combined] at #21, and good ol' Pinkerton at #16! The online version is here.

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgThe Lion And The Witch:Update

Most online retailers seem to be sold out now, but twistandshout.com is still taking orders!

There are now several fan efforts to raffle off/give away the EP, all on our message boards! The original thread is now closed to more entires, but a second one was put up [aka the "embarrasment and really strange picture" thread], and NOW, a 3rd one, here, has been added because the second one got reaaally long. This one ends Thurdsay! Free EP's are at stake!

ALSO, meanwhile, another contest, the 'boardie brackets' contest, sprang up atthis thread. More free EP's are at stake!

...Euro EP action: "...a lot of EP's of Lion and the Witch can be found in Paris at the Virgin Megastore (Champs Elysées) so it would be great to tell that news to all the french fans..." ---Laurent [must have gotten them imported somehow??]

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:

  • US cd single:

update: USA edition of the Keep Fishin' cd single. This single is considered an experiment by the record label, so it was released in a very limited run, With the majority of copies apparently ending up in the Boston, Detroit, and Houston areas. The Tracks on this single are the "radio" version of Keep Fishin', and the never before released full version of the "Franklin Mint" version of the song, which was previewed on the A-V page some months back as "George Hartwig". Where to find it [as reported by fans so far]

Detroit, MI area:
Ann Arbor: Borders Books & Music....Utica: Rock-A-Billy's at 8411 Hall Road, just east of Van Dyke...Sterling Heights: Best Buy...

Boston, MA area:
Harvard Square: Newbury Comics...Cambridge/Fresh Pond: Newbury Comics...Hanover: Circuit City...

Houston, TX area:
Houston: Wherehouse on Westheimer at Dairy Ashford...

other areas:
Richmond, VA: Plan 9...
also it can apparently be ordered online at rasputinmusic.com

  • radio:

...up in Toronto, "Keep Fishin'" rose to #7 from #9 on their weekly modern rock countdown!

  • video:

MTV: played Keep Fishin + Buddy Holly together on their 9/23 new/old type show.
MTV2: Korn's favorite videos: Buddy Holly at #18! El Scorcho wins a "Control Freak"!Iceland: an odd version of "Island In the Sun" used in a commercial for Búnaðarbankinn [a bank]!
college television network: viewer voted show consistently playing Keep Fishin' in the top 10, vote here!
Mtv Brazil: 9/30: Buddy Holly wins a Brazillian "Control Freak"!

Argentina fan report:
"...i wanted to email u telling u about the situation with weezer here in Argentina. It's really really hard to get =W= cds... i searched like 2 months in order to find Maladroit...not even think about trying to get Pinkerton.. it's totally impossible. Oh.. and we (Argentinians) can't buy the cds online on US record stores.. because of the exchange rate. and we can't buy things online for example at the Weezer store (for ex: a shirt that cost 20 dollars + shipping.. end up costing us 100 pesos..) so.. that's the situation here." ---Andres