Karl's Corner - 10/10/2002

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10/10/02 the elements of Now [pewp]

"...So i had to go to court the other day for a traffic offence...and the judge was making little wise cracks and someone there had a weezer shirt...i went up and the judge said "The 101 freeway..thats where people go to get caught for speeding" and the dude in the red weezer cartoon shirt walked up cause he was called next and the judge says " Weezer...Thats where people go to rock"..." ---=Chuckles=

...audio-video hounds, the entire Reading Festival mp3 set is up for a limited time, for those who missed the earlier groups of mp3s. They will all be down by next Tuesday, so get 'em now if you need 'em!

...while not a peep of this seems to be found over at Mtv.com, apparently The Jackass Movie Preview special is airing this coming Sunday night, the 13th, and as you may recall, the weez folk were on hand at that premiere party when it happened in August. Word has it is Rivers is going to appear on this show, but we dont have more details than that. It might be footage from the party, or just clips from the film, or both, or ???. Mtv, Sunday Oct 13th at 8pm [or 9pm?] PST.

...fan report: Israel!
"...I live in Israel. I was watching MTV Europe about a week ago, and there was a daily show called "Top 10 at 10". Every night there's something else. This time it was top 10 "indie" songs of 2002 (Which is weird, because Oasis, Travis and Weezer aren't so indie, just alternative). Keep Fishin' came up No. 5...Also, I introduced my friend to Weezer a few weeks ago, and he wanted to buy the old CDs (Blue Album & Pinkerton). We looked very hard, and guess what? There is NO POSSIBLE WAY TO GET THEM!!! Of course, we were very dissapointed...Anyway, I'll be here, waiting for Weezer to come to Israel..." ---Kobi M., Tel Aviv, Israel