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10/11/05 grab your lady by the arm

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 114: Foozer/Wee Fighters 17: Bridgeport, CT - Arena At Harbor Yard
In the thick of the post industrial chaos that is Bridgeport/Stamford, or at least this corner of it. Plus we gots moms inna hizzouse.

This corner of Bridgeport is a maze of train tracks, power lines, and smokestacks, and somehow this arena got ploped down right in the middle of it all. As the temperature dropped and the rain came in ourside, we huddled inside for warmth, where just last week we were wondering when it was going to cool down. And what did we find inside today but a source of warmth: Hot Hot Heat! (oof! sorry, couldnt resist that one). That's right, a new opening act tonight, as we enter phase 3 of the Foozer tour already. Time does fly when youre having rock. Like the Kaiser Chiefs before them, Hot Hot Heat look like they seriously have their act together, so the Foozer trifecta triunfa can continue.

Pat did an interview today with WKCI, New Haven.

A few days ago, Scott's dad and Dave Grohl's mom came to the Cleveland show, and today the tradition continued, with Rivers's mom checking out the rock (with earplugs of course)! Props to Beverly n' co.! And big props to Charlie (not Pat's baby in this case, but he gets his props everyday anyhow), who was chosen to come up and help with "Undone", and delivered. (see below for his reactions). Tonights show was another ripper, including a few new subtle evolutions and change-ups to the performances, as the Weezer machine never rests on its laurels.

fan reactions! (see the comment page for more and add your own)
"...The boys are back in town! Rivers represents Connecticut, letting everyone know where he grew up and came from. (Hint E.O Smith publishing, is E.O. Smith High School in Storrs,CT). The guys were amazing! Great job by Scott singing 'DOPE NOSE'. Big props to Brian Bell on the keys! I showed up a few minutes late (traffic), and was pretty far back on the floor. But sure enough Rivers was right next to me performing 'Island In the Sun'. I was the guy, next to the guy, who got River's guitar pic. Oh well... Overall, it was WEEZ at it's best. 'Song 2' by BLUR with Pat Wilson on guitar and Rivers on drums was out of control. Whoa-whooo!!! I've love them since '94, and 11 years later I havent given up hope. They still bring the ROCK!!!!!!!" ---Eric S.

"...i would like for you to pass this message on to any or all of the members of the band, if its not too much trouble, because i didnt find any way to contact them directly. my name is charlie, and im the kid who brian picked to play undone with the guys at the bridgeport, ct show. i wanted to say thank you so much for the best experience in my life, and also for the guitar! it was my girlfriend's birthday present to go see the show, and she had never been to a concert before. not a bad first show, huh? she said that you guys really made her eighteenth birthday the "best birthday a girl could ever dream of." well, in any case, thank you weezer, thank you very much. this was my second time seeing you guys, i saw you at the meadows in hartford, ct back after maladroit came out and i can honestly say that this show was a million times better (only there was no fire this time)..." ---charlie.

Pat was asked what he thought of tonight's show: "They laughed when I said they could have perfect pitch...until I showed them the simple secret - and they heard it for themselves! With silent apprehension, I selected a tone to play. "F Sharp", she said. She knew the pitch each time. She was amazing. I said "Great! But do you think it would be better if we boiled this chicken, or broiled it? Or perhaps broasting?""

(Pat's Late breaking development: "That picture I saw in the hotel - I KNOW that place!")

(Pat's even later breaking development: "Kate Moss predicts General Motors will cease to be an importtant company in the next 25 years.")

(In other news, yes, Pat's weird.)

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The current tour merchandise(updated 10/07/05).
(Note: these shirts are bootlegs - do not buy them if you see them! *updated 10/7*)