Karl's Corner - 10/12/2002

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10/12/02 Rasputin's Stash

...from newsoftheweird.com...
"Police in Irvine, Calif., told the Los Angeles Times in September that, based on a recent crackdown, they were stunned at the high number of abuses of handicapped parking placards. Among those caught were a teenage girl parked at a Weezer concert three months after her grandmother died and who with a straight face said that she was her grandmother ("So you're 80 years old?" asked officer Kyle Oldoerp) and a woman who said she thought she had inherited her late husband's parking privileges as part of his estate. [Los Angeles Times, 9-16-02]" ---thanks to eenodol

...cool news from our affiliated Weezer Media Archive site. It has just been updated with over 50 new weezer articles (including several rare interviews). So head on over, check it out and see what you have to add to the archive!

...The Jackass Movie Preview special is airing this coming Sunday night, the 13th, and as you may recall, the weez folk were on hand at that premiere party when it happened back in August. Mtv is touting the special as "featuing all todays biggest stars", and footage from that party is seen in the ads for the special, including a shot of Rivers [with yours truly in the background, ha ha]. So you may want to tune in Sunday night, as I do recall Rivers and Pat getting interviewd that night, so maybe theyll show it. Plus its bound to be really funny. Mtv, Sunday Oct 13th at 8pm [or 9pm?] PST. [other times are not known at this point! check your LOCAL listings!!!]

...well, something bizarre happened and one of the fan-created message boards was suddenly taken down by ezboard for no apparent reason. Right now the boards founder has started a new WIDF board while fighting to get the original one back up. The 'WIDF' board can now be found here.

...press: in last months 'Maxim' magazine, there was a rather odd article, in which they reviewed the various mp3 downloading services. Audiogalaxy, imesh, kazaa, and limewire were the programs allowed for use by maxim staffers, who had one hour to "steal" weezer's 'Maladroit' and $100 worth of movies. Imesh had the fastest weez time, "stealing" maladroit in only 19 minutes.Limewire won overall (37 minutes for Maladroit). Er....thanks, Maxim ?!? [thanks James W.]

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:US cd single
[US single contains the radio version plus the "Franklin Mint" version of the song, available in a very limited run].
Where to find it [cumulative: as reported by fans so far...]

Detroit, MI area:
Ann Arbor: Borders Books & Music....Utica: Rock-A-Billy's at 8411 Hall Road, just east of Van Dyke...Sterling Heights: Best Buy...Westland, MI: Best Buy...

Boston, MA area:
Harvard Square: Newbury Comics...Cambridge/Fresh Pond: Newbury Comics...Hanover: Circuit City...Kingston: FYE in Independence Mall...Leominster MA: Leominster Newberry Comics...

Houston, TX area:
Houston: Wherehouse on Westheimer at Dairy Ashford...Sam Goody's in the Deerbrook Mall...Houston Borders Books and Music...F.Y.E. in Katy Mills Mall...

other areas:
Richmond, VA: Plan 9...New Orleans: Virgin Megastore [apparently sold out now however]...Los Angeles, CA: Amoeba Records on Sunset...Manhasset NY: HMV...

...also on the College Television Network, "Keep Fishin" was #2 on the video countdown top ten!

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgThe Lion And The Witch:
still searching? fans report lots of copies available at: Salzers in Ventura Ca...Bull Moose Music in Brunswick, ME...Cactus Music in Houston TX...Record Exchange in Raliegh NC. Also note, a correction: Houston TX's Cactus music is on South Shepard at Alabama st.

cool review: "The Lion and The Witch" EP is in the Houston Chronicle Preview section as the Hot Purchase of the Week. It says that a Houston store that carries it has sold a third of it's original 350 copy supply...