Karl's Corner - 10/14/2001

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10/14/01 try this one on for size

...Don't forget- Tomorrow (Monday 10-15) morning around 7:15 AM PST, Rivers will be on Seattle's 107.7 The End station, with an interview and some news. As far as I can tell, The End has a simulcast online, so if you don't live in Seattle and want to check it out, head on over to The End's Website ...you'll find a link to listen online, at the top left.

...got some reports that San Jose Tickets can be ordered on the phone! The number is 408-998-2277. I was asked to tell you that you should make sure to let them know that the show that you want tickets for "is at the events center, and NOT the compaq center".

...you may remember how several days ago it was discovered that the version of "Always" on the upcoming "Island In the Sun" import singles is in fact incorrect. Rivers has fortunately dug up the correct version (a good deal longer, at 2:48) but then realized that the mix wasn't right! So, on top of being the right length now, its also gotten a fresh facelift in the mix department. How do you get this version? Well it wont be on the Import singles as far as I know, but we have it here on Weezer.com! It will join our other media over in the "Audio Video" section soon, but I just had to post it up right away to spread the goodness... "correct" Always remix! [mp3]