Karl's Corner - 10/14/2008

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10/14/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 20: Inglewood (L.A.) - The Forum


Whats up Inglewooooooood! Tonight was the big bad L.A. show at the Forum. Its not the Great Western Forum anymore, but it is pretty great and certainly West of most other forums I can think of. A few months back the parking lot outside was the site of the filming of the Troublemaker video, and tonight the tour of the same name came back to SoCal to do some damage. And much damage was dealt, with mighty broadswords and arrows.
Brian's band The Relationship again opened the show, their second of 3 Cali show opening sets. Remember folks, they go on at 7 PM sharp so get there on time for a full rock experience!

Sticker people - yes we got all 3 sticker packets you tossed to the stage - the fedex one, the little red/yellow envelope and the other one too. Thanks people! Just what are we talking about you ask? Scroll down.
Shoutouts to EDDIE VAN HALEN who came to rock out to the weez - and was nearly ejected from weezer's dressing room by accident! Sorry about that Eddie, we do love you! Also props to the many L.A. area attendees, both well known and otherwise, including O, Adam O., Dave Rat, Johnny Knoxville, Tay Zonday, Shezbang, Johnny Lonely, Todd Sullivan, and uber-mosher Luis once again!

Here are some pix from tonight's show (click on them to see them bigger)




For more pix, also see: KROQ.com (scroll down to "Weezer / Angels & Airwaves 10/14/08 The Forum - Inglewood, CA "); LA Weekly; LA Weekly Slideshow.

For the San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego shows, Brian Bell's other band The Relationship will opening the show! But to see them, youll have to arrive early, because The Relationship will be playing at 7PM sharp! Its The Relationship, then Tokyo Police Club, then Angels And Airwaves, then Weezer. So no excuses, come to the show on time and get the full measure of Rock!

RIVERS NEEDS YOUR STICKERS! Rivers needs to decorate his drum kit (the one on the side of the stage, not Pat's in the middle), and he wants stickers to do it. Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars; now - er, wait - I mean, years ago, Rivers asked for stickers for his guitar, and hundreds of you tossed envelopes loaded with crazy stickers onstage for days - his Stratocasters were quickly plastered! Can we count on you guys to come thru again? However you can get them to us works - if you see me, pass em over - if youre close to the stage, toss em up! Just write "Stickers for Rivers" on the envelope! Thanks people!
Here's where the once bare Rivers drums are at so far, thanks to you!