Karl's Corner - 10/18/2008

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10/18/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 22: Phoenix - Arizona State Fair


The Arizona State Fair might not seem like a likely place for a weezer concert, but aside form the numerous turkey legs and chicken fingers, the Tilt-A-Whirls and the unusually early show start time, today fit right in with the rest of the Troublemaker Tour. And despite the seated floor style which can often dampens the rocking out spirit, these Phonecians could not be kept down! It got mighty loud in that arena!

Tonight was the second night Josh from Tokyo Police Club was brought out to help play some guitar on Troublemaker, in addition to the other fun guest appearances that have been marking these shows. Good times!

Shout outs to the 2 people who were there from Pat's hometown, and the indomitable S to the R to the F of the Schoolhouse Of Rock!

Here are some pix from tonight's show (click on them to see them bigger)




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