Karl's Corner - 10/21/2008

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10/21/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 24: Dallas - Nokia Theatre


Second of the Texas Trifecta tonight, in Dallas! Or rather Grand Prairie, a suburb between Dallas and Fort Worth. Regardless, its Texas and thats what counts. The Nokia Theater is a jumbo (or shall we say Texas?) sized modern indoor theater, not as big as a hockey arena, but definitely still really big, and specifically designed for hosting entertainment. Which is what the people got today in a healthy dose. Today Pat's high school buddy Greg C. got to come up and play the drums on "Undone". As Pat told it, Greg was how Pat first got into playing the drums, and is therefore partly responsible for how Weezer turned out! So it was pretty cool for Pat and Greg to be able to share the stage many years later.

Shout out to Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer who was in the house, a long time weezer fan well before his own great success kicked in! Bryce passed me his 1st ep back at Cain's in Tulsa OK in 2001, and has come a looong way since then!

Scott Shriner has written an article in the latest issue of Bass Player magazine (with Robert Trujillo from Metallica on the cover), so if you want to know what's on Scott's bass-heavy mind these days, go check it out! (Appears to be in the print edition only)

Here are some pix from tonight's show (click on them to see them bigger)




...Reminder: check out the latest episode of "The Mike And Joey Jesus Show", to catch behind the scenes action and interviews at the Portland stop of the Troublemaker Tour!

...Reminder: Weezer tribute band crossover alert! Georgia band El Scorcho sez: "If you plan on coming to the Weezer concert at Gwinnett Center on Oct 25, why not come a day early on Oct 24 to see El Scorcho perform at Sweetwater Bar and Grill? We'll have a limited edition of our new single to give out! Plus El Scorcho will be on stage with Weezer during the hootenanny segment at the concert on Oct 25 at Gwinnett Center! How cool is that?"

Liked Rivers' "Alone" album? Well, another be on the way...