Karl's Corner - 10/22/2002

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10/22/02 stone fox chase

...tribute to a fan...

a longtime weezer fan and a fellow generally regarded as a great person has unexpectedly passed away. Trey Weiser aka theGoodSpecialness on the weezer message boards passed away without warning on September 17th. There is a message board thread devoted to his memory, so check it out and if you have something to add, please do.

"He epitomized what it meant to be a weezer fan, he loved the music fiercely. And, for all his message board battles, he loved weezer fans fiercely too. I find myself regretting deleting each pm because im afraid of forgetting each witty word or thoughtful paragraph. But I dont think anyone who knew trey even if it was only through this box will ever forget him. Weezer has lost a great fan." ---a fellow fan

""One of Matt's greatest fans died on September 17th. Trey Weiser used to travel all the way from Berkeley, where he was an undergraduate student studying biology, to LA just to catch the shows at Silverlake. He wrote a great review for the website." ---Lee Weiser

...Trey Weiser 1982-2002 aka theGoodSpecialness...

...police blotter 4!...
"Last February, my Toyota Tacoma 4x4 was stolen from my girlfriend's apartment. I was lucky that I had removed my cd collection that night (I usually kept them in the truck) , but I was shocked to find out that the thieves had been involved in a car chase and wrecked it, causing damage to the tune of $6,000. This is where you ask, "why does this relate to weezer?" Well, as horrible as all this was, the thing that topped it all was that these bastards had removed my weezer bumper sticker from the back windshield and replaced it with a Pittsburgh Steelers sticker...that just put me over the edge." ---Sean in Lawrence, KS

"I live in Brighton, England and my dad has this really swank dark blue mercedes. So one day he drove me home from his house and I forced him to put a burned cd with the (scrapped?) album 5 demos on it. I mistakenly left it in his car along with my UK maladroit (luckily not my US no. 266!) and the next day some jerks smashed his side window, lifted his flashy cd player and his box of cds (mine included)! He was so pissed about his car and I was SO pissed of about my cds. At least the theives got some good music alongside his Springsteen collection." ---Sethbrown

"I, too own a jeep wrangler. it has been broken into 5 times. my weezer cd's were stolen along with the player. maybe it's the creed fans targeting the weezer jeeps." ---chelsea [um, or, maybe its that Jeep Wranglers have plastic windows!! -karl]

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgThe Lion And The Witch: Update
We've been trying to figure out why people have been finding Lion and The Witch EPs numbered as high as 36,000, when everyone was told that only 25,000 copies of the limited edition cd were pressed up and individually numbered. Well, it seems that in the process of manufacturing a limited run of numbered cd's, its common for errors to come up in the printing and packaging process. And when theres an error, that doesnt mean that 1 copy gets damaged or misprinted, but more like a few thousand at a time! So apparently this cd, with the delicate cardboard gatefold and individual numbering had a high amount of these problems on the assembly line, and so in the end, over 35,000 jackets were printed and numbered, just to get the "finished" pile of 25,000. In other words, up to 10,000 jackets were sent back to the recycling bin, and it would be impossible to account for every numbered copy from #00001 to #36000, because about 10000 of them would never turn up. Strange but true!

more tips on where to find the EP if you've been having trouble:
Zia records in Phoenix, AZ [limited to 2 copies per person]
Tune Town in Mankato
Broadway Records in Rochester, Minnesota
Sounds Like... in Riverside ["by the Galleria at Tyler"]
Compact Disc World in Union, NJ

local Lion chart action:
#7 in Riverside, CA. [acc. to the Press-Enterprise newspaper]
#5 throughout the Maryland Record and Tape Traders chain of stores

Karlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgKeep Fishin' report:
Australia: still flying high down under! # 5 on this weeks Triplej "net 50", in its 7th week in the upper reaches of the chart!

USA Keep Fishin CD single spotted at: Newbury Comics in Nashua, NH


Modern Drummer, December 2002 issue: major article on Pat Wilson! a subscriber reports: "Very professional and very informative. Props to Pat finally getting credit as a great musician!"

Guitar World, December 2002 issue: small article on the Blue Album, in the "On the record: Classic albums" section. Well, its official now... its a classic!

...fan announcements...

Weezerfest: Columbus Ohio: November 23rd
What: Weezerfest , Gameworks and Ben Kweller Concert
Where: Columbus: gameworks and Little Brothers Venue
When: Saturday November 23, We will meet at gameworks @ 2:00 pm, eat, then go to the Ben Kweller Concert @ 8:00 pm
Cost: $11.50 for Ben Kweller concert, $ for gameworks and food
Need Directions/ Questions: contact donna either at donnad03@hotmail.com or donnamb on the weez boards, or you can contact heather at awwness@yahoo.com or Blossom 2002 on the weez board.

Weezerfest: SPAIN!
Organized by Jose of Weezer MIJ,
the first spanish weezer web site. "...It'll take place next saturday October 26th at the Louie Louie Club in Madrid (C/de la Palma 43). Music, videos and big party by all the spanish weezers.
More info on our Weezer MIJ..."

Weezer cover band action:
"...My name is Greg Stevens and I play in a Weezer cover band in Atlanta called Tired of Sex. We are going to be playing a series of 3 shows in the Southeast over this upcoming Halloween weekend. Each show will also be a benefit for a local charity in each city we play in. We are playing each show with a Pixies Doolittle cover band called No. 13, Baby. Check out all the details here.

"...I do a Friday night radio show here at Lafayette College in Easton, PA (104.9 WJRH) And I spent 2 hours tonight (10/18/02) rocking a solid "Weez Block!" I played 30 Weezer songs over the course of two hours, spanning all four albums, a little Lion and the Witch, and even some other stuff ("Jamie" and "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here.") There are plenty of Weezer fans here on campus and I was just looking to make some more by kicking out your "most awesome jams."..." ---Sean Comerford