Karl's Corner - 10/23/2008

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10/23/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 25: Houston - Reliant Arena


Finally back to the weatherbeaten but still mighty city of Houston, for the purposes of Rock, and Roll. Can't forget Roll. Today was the third of the three Texas shows, and the penultimate show of the Troublemaker Tour - how did we get here so fast? Just one more show, Saturday night in Atlanta. Houston took a beating from Hurricane Ike not very long ago at all, and still bears the scars. Scott asked the crowd if they were doing alright after Ike, and the response was a roar of rock! It takes a lot to get the Houstonians down, and they rocked as hard as any crowd on this tour, freaking out and crowdsurfing too. And TPC, AAA + the Weez were here to help lift the spirits high.
The Reliant Arena is sort of a kid Brother to the nearby Reliant Stadium, home of NFL's Houston Texans. What usually goes on in the smaller arena was harder to determine. It was sort of a giant convention hall. A good enough place as any to rock out in, I suppose.

Say, if you were in the audience at the Reliant and happened to witness a rather unusual appearance of Rivers between the Tokyo and Angels sets, and you happened to capture any photos or video clips of the event, and you are willing to share them for the greater good of the universe, contact me (email by clicking the 'Karls Corner' graphic above) and lets do this! Thanks!

Reminder: Scott Shriner has written an article in the latest issue of Bass Player magazine (with Robert Trujillo from Metallica on the cover), so if you want to know what's on Scott's bass-heavy mind these days, go check it out! (Appears to be in the print edition only)

Here are some pix from tonight's show (click on them to see them bigger)