Karl's Corner - 10/24/2002

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10/24/02 endless blockade for the pussy footer

...thanks to the fans who spontaneously sent in their weez-o-lanterns! As you can see, some of them have become part of our Halloween header above, courtesy of the mad skillz of Julie! Speaking of Halloween, I've been getting a lot of virus emails that say "have a happy allHallowmas". Huh? ooo-kay...

...in case you were sleeping, the new 2003 weezer calendar has been out for a week or 2, both in some bookstores and Hot Topics, and on our online store. Theres actually a whole slew of new items in the store, and they seem to add new stuff pretty often these days.

...police blotter 5! the crime wave continues...

"My car was broken into a little while ago. They did it while I was at work. They busted out my passenger side window and took all of my cds. They attempted to steal my CD player, but luckily, the place that installed it had bolted inside of my dash. All of my CDs were stolen but one of them and the one that was stolen happened to be Maladroit, and I had just put it in my stereo that morning. Theives suck. ---E. Campbell Phoenix, AZ

"...I live in Philly, where my car was stolen on Monday. I went to move it 3 hours after I had parked it and it was gone. Included in the package were all of my weezer cd's (including imports and demos). Yea that's right it does suck. ---Mark in Philly

"...You read it on the website, but you never think it'll happen to you. Yet today, mere hours after reading the latest car break-ins, I go to my garage to see the windows to my 93 Camry broken in, stereo face torn off, 20 or so CDs gone, including Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Pixies, Strokes, my 5-disc complete Simon & Garfunkel box set, in addition to Maladroit and Green. Luckily, I didn't have the case and cover to Green in the car, which is a signed copy I bought when Weezer came to town last year. Oh well, just thought I'd let the Weezer world we're most in danger from those with good taste." ---Brian

twist 1: the accident
"Sunday October 20, 2002 I was in my car listening to "December" and singing along when I was suddenly struck by a car. The music was cut off, the air bags flew out, and my whole car was totalled. I sat there in awe as I began to comprehend what was happening. As an ambulance was coming near, the music suddenly came back on, and it was loud. It was the part that goes "Only love can ease the pain, of a boy caught in the rain." How Ironic it was, and then it just shut off after that, for good. It just proves that weezer is with me every step of the way. So off I went to the hospital, and the rest is history..." ---Dave

twist 2: the perp!
Well a a couple of years back when i was an immature freak who needed money, at night i would go out and find cars down driveways that had their doors unlocked. I would take anything i could but one day i came across a bunch of cds in the glove box. When i got home i looked through cds and there was this bright blue cd i just laughed and thought this should be funny and i popped it into the cd player and just stood back in shock. It was the best stuff i had ever heard well just as good as pearl jam anyway. So next day i got my hands on pinkerton and felt bad about nicking the cds so next night i took all but the blue album back to the house and left it on the doorstep! Forgive me fellow weezerians i am now a bit more grown up and i have bought all my cds since, he he." ---CW