Karl's Corner - 10/25/2008

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10/25/08 Troublemaker Tour Show 26: Atlanta - Gwinett Arena


Once again, it's on in the ATL! (Well, Duluth, technically). From Buckhead to 5 points, from midtown to downtown, and all points in between, Atlanta is huge and busy 24-7. How else could the capitol of the Dirrrty South be? This is a great town to finish a tour in, as the vibe is always fantastic and the people always friendly and stoked, as they have been for weezer since the early days of the Masquerade and 99x...
The Troublemaker Tour came to a triumphant end tonight, although it was with a bit of a sad note that everyone said goodbye, as the Troublemaker Train was humming along so smoothly no one felt ready to step off just yet! Not even Pat, who fell under the weather the night before the show but managed to put out his full butt kicking effort anyway for the tour finale.
The biggest of ups to our tourmates Tokyo Police Club and Angels And Airwaves, who both brought their A games this tour in a fully professional and fun manner. It was truly a pleasure to be out on the road with these bands. And a major major round of applause to our crew, who really kicked so much ass its unreal. Theres too many names to list here, but everyone in all departments was giving 200% and it was showing. You know who you are guys and gals - thank you all so much. Best Crew Ever hands down!
Tokyo Police Club used their last Troublemaker show to bust out with a sweet cover of "Friends Of P". Tom Delonge pulled his pants down during his guest app on "Undone" just as Rivers was describing to the audience how uncomfortable past "end of tour pranks" had made him. (Heh!) And local Weez cover (and more) band El Scorcho was in the Hootenanny tonight, as was T.P.C. for that matter, plus Nishant/"ats5" from the 'Lets Write a Sawng' project. Meanwhile someone dressed Tokyo's van up as a ham and cheese sandwich while they were playing their show. Thats how things roll in Atlanta!

Here are some pix from tonight's show (click on them to see them bigger)





...Weezer tribute band alert!
On Halloween 10/31, Boston band Beautiful Lies will be covering The Blue Album in its entirety at the Berklee College of Music Cafe 939 (located at 939 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215). The show is FREE and ALL AGES.

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