Karl's Corner - 10/26/2002

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10/26/02 daylight savings time rules!

...letter of the week!


...website stuff:
One by one, the Julie/Karl webmeister team is slowly getting to many overdue site updates. Material is being photographed, scanned and written for a bunch of Super Chrono additions [particularly in the early years], The Fans News section is getting seriously expanded with stories, art, and pictures sent in by fans over the years. And yes, we are aware that the Recording and Equipment histories have been too long dormant. One chunk at a time, and we'll get 'em all.

...and as for the band, they....mmm...heh heh...patience, young Jedi!

...press bits

in the new Entertainment Weekly [Avril Lavigne cover], there's a rather silly article about what the 'stars' are wearing for Halloween: Andy Dick (Less Than Perfect) - "'The Sweater Song' from Weezer. I'll wear this one sweater with a long dangling string."

From billboard.com: "Los Angeles-based modern rock outfit Crazy Town will release its sophomore album, "darkhorse," Nov. 12 via Columbia....Produced by the band with Howard Benson (P.O.D.), "darkhorse" features a guest guitar appearance by Weezer's Rivers Cuomo on the song "Hurt You So Bad."

movieland: Blue Album track "Holiday" is featured in the preview for Adam Sandler's next movie "Eight Crazy Nights". See this trailer online here.

Karlscorner-lionbullet.jpgKarlscorner-Fishinvid.jpgThe Lion And The Witch and Keep Fishin' info
Lion and The Witch:
bboard member arizonaweezer is giving away more LATW cds, with a special "Scavenger Hunt"! Check the details out on this thread.

more sightings of the EP at:
Paris, France: Virgin Megastore on Champs Elysee [import copies, approx. 9 Euros]
Knoxville, TN: disc exchange
Lewiston, ME: Bullmoose Music [number 254 picked up there!]
Windham, ME: Bullmoose Music
Venice, CA: benway music [on Pacific ave, (310) 396-8898]
Kansas City [Overland Park], KS: streetside records Minneapolis MN: Electric Fetus in
Mt. Pocono, PA: the gallery of sound [on route 940]
Towson, MD: Record and Tape Traders [#5 most popular album in that chain this week!]
Columbia, SC: Manifest Discs and Tapes

more sightings of the USA Keep Fishin cd single ["Franklin Mint" version included] at:
Mt. Pocono, PA: the gallery of sound [on route 940]
Woburn MA: Newbury comics
Leominster, MA: newbury comics

Dutch props: The Muppets helpen Weezer.

Aussie Props: Keep Fishin'" was voted number 5 again on this weeks's Triple-J Net 5O in Australia. "...the song has really taken off on radio here, and is still popular on Pay-Tv Channel V's programming as well..."

Chile props: "...I just wanna tell you that here in Chile the Keep Fishin video is going very well, in less than 3 weeks it made the top 10, begining in number 7... it started to get airplay before dope nose went out of the top 10..." ---benjamin (elchileno on the boards)

...Police Blotter Episode 6: the return of a news page without "Police Blotter" [in other words...the final installment!]

"...a few days ago, one of my friends was at a concert down in cinci, and parked his barely-used car a few blocks away from where he was going. after the concert, he came back to his car to find the passenger side window (which extended quite far back, being that his car is 2-door) completely smashed. he was pissed, but when he got into his car and checked for stolen items, he was surprised to see that 5 out of his 8 CDs he had with them had been stolen. The ones left behind? Karlophone, Blue, and Pinkerton. So, not only do theives suck, they have bad taste in music." ---K

"ok, well my car was stolen the other night, and I think it was a weezer fan, because in the parking spot where I left my car was my CD case, but it only had my WEEZER cds in it, everything else was stolen. This guy must have been a weezer fan, because he must have read something on the board here about everyones stories!" ---Jesse M. Peoria, Arizona

"My car was stolen away from me one night in 1998. I walked in to pay for the gas, and returned to see my red Beretta rumbling away. The man stole a piece-of-crap car, it was dented, faded, and covered with stickers. One sticker was a red weezer sticker (classic font, about a foot long) carefully placed on the top center of the windshield.....My car was missing for about four months. After I had already wasted $1000 on a bigger piece-of-crap, I get a call from the sheriff. My car was found in the parking lot of a small southeast Missouri hill town feed store. The name of the feed store...'weeze's feed'...the sheriff told me that the car had been sitting there for a month or so. He'd got out to check once, but when he saw the [weezer] sticker, he assumed that the car must belong [to the store!]. When the car was returned to me, it was in the exact shape that it left me, minus a pair of boots. I often wonder if the culprit was clever enough to purposefully place my car there at Weeze's Feed, or if it was just beautiful coincidence." ---Corey

"About 6 months ago someone broke into my Isuzu Rodeo while it was parked in front of my parent's house. They smashed a window and stole around $1500 worth of stuff, including about a grand worth of my brother in law's tools, which I've had since he got a concussion during a motocross race. Anyhoo, they also took one of the CD carry cases in the care (took one, left the other, weird). It was the "good" one which meant it had the Blue and Pink CDs in it. Luckily I had MP3s of everything so I was able to burn back ups (the RIAA can suck it). I finally got an insurance settlement and after the $500(!) deductible I could replace most of the tools for my brother in law and get the broken window fixed and, well, I got over it. Then last week they came back, broke in again and stole the stereo which they couldnt figure out how to remove the first time. I literally think they study up on the subject before trying again because it was clear they had brought screwdriver to disassemble the console. The good news is there's nothing left worth stealing from the car now." ---Brad G.