Karl's Corner - 10/30/2002

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10/30/02 he's the better of the best, best believe he's the baddest

Karlscorner-20021030-a.jpg...R.I.P. Jam
Master Jay,
"Jay's like King Midas, as I was told,
everything that he touched, turned to gold.
He's the greatest of the greatest, get it straight he's
great. Playing fame cause his name is known in every
state. His name is Jay to see him play will make you
say: "Goddamn, that DJ made my day!" "

--"Peter Piper", Run-DMC

[note: additional pictures and info added to 10/28, below.]

...fan bits n' pieces:

"...i just got back from the paul mccartney concert at staples center tonight and guess what? scott walked right by me after the show! he was so cool. i called out "scott!" and he said hi and shook my hand and even waited for me to run and get a pen for a couple autographs! he signed a flyer from the concert and some random hot topic frequent buyer card i had in my wallet. haha it was awesome. this was espcially awesome after i sadly missed him on Love Line when i went to the kroq studio and not the Westwood 1 studio. anyways, scott rules!" ---andrew (primerib8)

"...last night I was thinking I'm going to write an email to weezer.com saying what a great website it is and so I ended up having a dream about weezer people. I travelled 4 hours to a house, I guess to meet rivers, but was denied entrance to the "family room" where fans were talking with him. Karl felt bad for me and said I could stay and watch a movie with him and some other people. Then people started to come out the room and I was scared that I was going to get yelled at for being there. One fan said it was because I didn't know what 1337 meant. (side note- I don't know where that came from) Another said I didn't post enough on the message boards. Then my brother came out and I was mad because I like weezer much more than he does. Then rivers came out and I was really scared and I left on my bike, but it started to rain, so I went back and rivers started to walk towards me (I figured to yell at me) and I woke up....I think I need help..." ---Lisa S.