Karl's Corner - 10/31/2008

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10/31/08 The Haunted Secret of Weezer Mansion


Happy Halloween, peoples! Scroll down for some =w= pumpkin action.

So, on November 25, Rivers is releasing an album called "Alone II", which is the second album collection of his home demos. Like the first it will have extensive liner notes and interesting old pictures. See the album's cover below, and check out this new interview on Pitchfork about it. Also, coming soon: a video from Alone II.

...Here's an article for Columbia, MO's MOVE magazine, written by weezer fan Jose V., who got to be in the Houston Hootenanny, as well as being one of the few who came up on stage to play "Undone" with the band back in '05. Sometimes lightining does strike twice.

...Somehow I forgot to mention the awesome walk off music after the final show in Atlanta was over: Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". A Classic Heart Song to put the Troublemaker Tour to bed!

...Weezer tribute band alert - 11/4 election night! The Blue Album Group is playing for free with free food and drink with great comedians and good election night cheer at the Bellhouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn, 149 7th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave).

various pix - click on the picture to see it bigger.



L to R, top to bottom: Atlanta backstage catering's killer carving, pumpkin by Brandon Carroll, pumpkin by Rollo,
pumpkin by Riley Marion, Atom Willard (of Angels And Airwaves)'s Red Album tribute, cover of upcoming Alone II, Matt Furniss's son Ben and his weez-kin.