Karl's Corner - 11/03/2001

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11/03/01 you've been begging and dying for somebodys rhyming to set you free?

...Today the guys got back in the recording studio, this time at a big-time studio they used while making the Green Album last winter. The plan, as summed up by Rivers, was to "record until we all fall over". There were a few songs from the recent "SH" sessions that didnt quite feel right, so they tackled them all over again, to try and capture them better. The guys have really grown some extremely critical ears, noting the slightest errors and trying to go back and get it better all day. These recordings sound tight and beautiful. At this point, they do not have any vocals on them, or guitar overdubs (where the solos and extra bits are added), but the plan is to wrap these sesions up before the Extended Midget Tour starts, and end up with an albums worth of pro recordings. Tomorrow we return here to continue the work.

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...and don't forget to help "The Monkey" from the "Island In The Sun" video win "Best Actor" in this years VH1 awards! vote here (..."I did it all for the monkey (woo) the monkey (woo)"...oh, man...)