Karl's Corner - 11/09/2001

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11/09/01 calm, storm, etc

...today was a relatively quiet day. The only actual music playing that went on was with Scott, who was holed up back at the studio polishing up his bass parts on the new recordings. Next comes guitars and vocals, but time is running short with the tour (tour!? ...excellent, Smithers...) coming up. Tomorrow (Saturday) there is a photo shoot, after which the recording is set to continue...

...okay, today was the fan-created "International Weezer T-Shirt Day". not all the stories were sucess stories, but it was great that folks got out there and showed their colors... "I was at one of the largest malls in New York, The Palisades in Nyack. Sadly though, there were only 2 Weezer shirts walking around and they were on the bodies of me and my best friend. Its ok though, because we represented Weezer proudly, walking around the mall singing the lyrics of Undone, Buddy Holly, and Island In The Sun. It was a great day to be a Weezer fan, and I look forward to the next one." Tommy, Mt. Vernon, NY...."National Weezer T-Shirt day didnt go over big in my school, in fact i was the only kid with anything weezer on. But it was announced on 92.3 Kroc radio here New York. It'll be bigger next year!" Jared - Long Island ...it's really nice to see the peeps representing!

...Euro-MTV2 is broadcasting a half hour of Weezer live on Monday, November 12th Nov at 9:00pm, followed by an hour of Weezer choosing their favourite videos.

...and in other news, "VH1 Classic" is a pretty cool station. Where else can you see old Rush videos?