Karl's Corner - 11/12/2001

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11/12/01 blending, shaping

...today was a travel day, under unsettling circumstances. Its especially unnerving these days to hop on a plane shortly after news like today's terrible accident in Queens, NYC. Our sympathies go out to the victims, and to NYC which has taken far too much greif of late. Our own travel was uneventful, save for the random bag searches (folks, these days it pays to leave that polka dot underwear at home, because chances are a total stranger with white gloves will be sifting through your luggage while everyone looks on!)(not that i actually have any polka dot underwear...i hope!)

...got a bunch of questions regarding the autographed cd's now available in the online store. Are they real autographs? Yes, they are real autographs, hand signed by each member individually. Which bass player signed them? Scott. Do these facts also apply to the autographed cd's available at the merch stand on tour? yes.

...HBO Reverb data, regarding the broadcast of the 10/24 Goat Punishment show at The Knitting factory: It will be airing this coming wednesday, 11/14, at 8 PM, and will be reshown through the entire weekend. Also, see the Reverb site for more.

...MTV2 UKs "Weezer Night" took place last night. If anyone on the UK spotted it, what did they show?

...see the latest "Circus" mag (yellow 'Slipknot' cover) for a decidedly out-of-place looking mini pin-up of Rivers on stage!

..."i was asked to pass along to you the message about weezerfest san francisco. We are currently planning a weezerfest in san fran, and we need people to help plan, orginize, etc. if people are interested in helping, or just showing up for the party, they can find info about it at wfsf weezerfans.com." =sarah=

...MuchMusic (Canada) will be doing a weezer spotlight on monday november 19th. Videos, performance and interviews are reported to be included. VCRs ready!