Karl's Corner - 11/14/2001

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11/14/01 digital slam dunk

...today we went over to Glenn Sound Studios in Seattle, where the guys recorded 3 songs for 107.7 The End. They knocked out about 5 or 6 takes of each song before they had a version they were happy with, then all the guitar and vocal overdubs were added. The whole session was about 6 hours long, and went pretty smooth after some initial technical glitches. Todays recordings:

  • Cygnus X-1 (346)
  • Space Rock (344)
  • Slave (354)

107.7 should be playing some or all of these on the air at some point. This is part of a series of these special sessions they do with various bands.

Later at a restaurant, there was some questionable live entertainment, kind of a free form Andean guitar/abstract jazz/conga drum freakout, that somehow sounded like a broken record. They were fakin' the funk.