Karl's Corner - 11/16/2001

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11/16/01 Boise Days and Nights

...day off: Boise! Big Bad Boise. Boiiii-se. Okay, aside from a bizarre expedition down the street with Pat and Dan the lighting man to see "Harry Potter" with about 600 grade schoolers and their grandparents, mostly today was a ton of work. As I write this its 8AM on the 17th already, and I've been at the computer since 10PM when we got back from the movie (not a bad flick by the way). Better get some Big Bad Boise Breakfast before total insanity takes over.

...whats this workin stuff all about? well, see the audio video section, for starters. Then theres the matter of a very special video project theyve got me workin on... more on that later! (sorry about the cowboy accent, Im getting loopy!). And some upcoming site upgrades, like in Equipmnent History, Staff Bios, etc.

...hey folks, check this out.Its a media player thingy made especially for the Extended Midget Tour and the three bands that are on it. The player features audio and video from all three bands, a tix giveaway contest (happening right now), and other neat stuff.

...HBO Reverb re-run schedule: See Rivers play the guitar and hear no sound come out of the TV! (very...interesting audio mix by the HBO folks...)

Saturday 17 12:30 AM HBO
Sunday 18 12:00 AM HBO+
Sunday 18 11:15 AM HBO
Monday 19 1:15 AM HBO
Monday 19 11:30 PM HBO+