Karl's Corner - 11/21/2008

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11/21/08 Troublemaker; Alone II stuff

11/21/08 Troublemaker; Alone II stuff

People, the Troublemaker video now has a special extended "pop up video" version, up now exclusively on MSN Music. Learn all kinds of interesting facts about the video as it plays. Then, check out the first of a Three-Part Making of the Video Webisode Series, also exclusively on MSN Music. Good Stuff!! Also coming shortly to weezer.com is a special Weezer World Records section filled with fun facts and pix from the shoot.

...Special "Alone II" release notice!
While the Alone II CD is being released next Tuesday 11/25, the Digital version actually comes out on Monday 11/24! So if you are an iTunes type of person, you can get it a day early.

...Some random nice covers:
* Juliana Hatfield covers "Slave".
* Les Trois Accords from Quebec cover "My Name is Jonas" in French - translated to "Mon Nom est Jonathan"!