Karl's Corner - 11/24/2004

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11/24/04 a romantic space picnic

...the weezer world continues to chill for the moment as Fall slowly transforms into Winter. Rivers continues his schooling, and the behind the scenes plotting for a weeztastic '05 continues to gather momentum between the band and management. Still nothing to announce in terms of album completion, album release, touring, etc., but rest assured the right people are doing their work on this stuff and doing it well, and things are still on track for action somewhere in Spring of the new year. Meanwhile the website coding, sketching and planning continues with Julie and I working on additions, revisions, and the first full weezer.com redesign since 2001, in time for the new album. While things will look different and be tighter, cleaner and clearer, expect a continued emphasis on info and content, as thats what the site was founded on!

...If you had to pick the 500 greatest songs of all time (er, assuming "all time" meant the pop/rock era), what would you pick? This question was put to the illuminati of rock n' roll for the second ever tallying of the Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs list. This is a list that has all the super heavyweights on it, like "Stairway to Heaven", "A Change Is Gonna Come", "Walk on the Wild Side", etc... And who slipped in at #497? Weezer, with "Buddy Holly". Now that's all right, mama!

...Word has been recieved from the old 'homegrown' Weezer Street Team, that re-registration for old members has been opened up at rawktastic.net and new registration will be opening up sometime in the next few weeks.

...Courtesy Pete C. over at (temporarily(?) down) weezerisland.com, a whole slew of new weezer icons! Enjoy!