Karl's Corner - 11/27/2008

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11/27/08 more jam stuff. and stuff.

11/27/08 more jam stuff. and stuff.

People, Tuesday's Rivers + fans jam at Fingerprints in Long Beach was, in the words of Borat, "great success". Read the many comments on the 11/25 story for eyewitness accounts. And for all who werent in attendance, SPIN.com is hooking you up SOLID with tons of video from the event this coming Monday! In the meantime, they currently have an introduction and one song ("Across The Sea") posted up here at SPIN.com.

There are several photo galleries online from fans who were at the show. Check them out here and here for starters. Article and some great pix up at Pitchfork, here. Todays .com pic courtesy of ohjonas. Thank you!

...Meanwhile, the album Rivers was promoting at the jam, his new "Alone II" is on sale and chock full of great songs and detailed liner notes for you. And if you happen to be buying it at Best Buy, theres a special promotion going on right now. They are offering an exclusive Weezer mini-greatest hits EP, called "Six Hits". "Six Hits" plus Alone II (or any Weezer album in stock) is avail for just $20 for the pair. "Six Hits" includes the classics "Buddy Holly", "Say It Aint So" "Hash Pipe" "Island In The Sun" "Beverly Hills" and "Perfect Situation".

...Weezer tribute band alert!
JUST ADDED: The Sweaters are playing Saturday Nov. 29 at Walters on Washington in Houston, TX.
Tweezer is playing tomorrow, Friday 11/28 at The Cup in Linden, NJ. And also on Saturday 11/29 at Marita's Cantina in New Brunswick, NJ.

...Weezer plug time!
Hey, longtime weezoids may recall Ridd, who was our main message board mod many years ago, and has been a strong pal of weezer for a very long time, recently designing cool t-shirts and whatnot for the band. Well, he's got a band called "Satellite Tragedy", and their debut album 'New Beautiful' just came out. Nice stuff! Check it out here.

Weezer Drawminos. Yeah.