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12/21/05 there's not much pleasure, but not much pain

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...MB '05 Tour: Day 143: Mos Burger Tour day 9: Tokyo - Studio Coast (#2)
Interviews up the yin yang, shadowed by camera crews, manga stores, drum jambs, cardboard cutouts, dinner at the House of Blue Leaves...
Today was a really full day, starting with a special 'b-roll ' shoot, where the Japanese company followed the band around as they explored the Shibuya district, including a wild Manga/action figure store and a big music store wherein many electronic drum kits were played to the delight and/or confusion of the shopkeepers. Then the band returned to the hoteru for a pair of interviews, one with with Rock’in On Magazine, the other with the “Dancing Groove” show on radio station FM Yokohama. Then it was back in the sleek super vans for the 45 minute ride in heavy traffic back to Studio Coast. Once we were back at the club, it was time for another interview, this time with a group of weezer fans, for the DVD film crew.
Then it was showtime at the Apollo, volume 2! The set was shuffled and changed up a bit, the band was more relaxed, and the overall effect was fairly phenominal, if I do say so myself. This is a band at a plateau of power that took all year to reach, and choosing to capture the shows on film at this point was a wise decision indeed. Thanks to Yumiko for helping out on acoustic guitar on 'Undone'. Tonight also saw the first ever version of 'Island' with absolutely no amplification. The whole place had to restrain themselves and listen as Rivers filled the room old school folk style.

fan review:
"...members must have been very tired for playing everyday, but I was very impressed at their professionalism. the girl who played undone ( i thought her name was Yumiko?) did a good job and members welcomed her with warm atomosphere. it was so nice that we even forgot how we also wanted to be on the stage with Weezer. Rivers's a cappella "Island in the Sun" was like a calm and beautiful illusion. Thanks to Weezer and people who supported this tour for this wonderful 2-hour experience with showers of cool sounds. with much love," ---Chie R.

Post show there was yet another interview, this time with Crossbeat Magazine. Then everybody boarded the vans again, and the band, crew and Japanese crew, promoter and record company all went and had a massive modern Japanese dinner at Gonpachi, which is actually the restaurant that inspired the set for the Kill Bill scenes at "The House of Blue Leaves". It seems Quentin Tarentino liked the look of the place so much he had it recreated (albeit bigger and more useful for huge fight scenes) on set. Onegai shimas, furaido potato o kudasai.

...and happy birthday to Oliver!

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The Japan tour merchandise.

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