Karl's Corner - 12/25/2004

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12/25/04 Happy Holidays from Weezer!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chaunukah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc to all! (And a Festivus for the rest of us!) Some new a-v fun is now available on the audio - video page, so enjoy, and enjoy your holidays! Take care and have a great holiday season!

...also, here's a French site with a clip that hasn't been well circulated, they have the weezer 'performance' of "Island In The Sun" from their 2002 appearence on the French 'Top Of The Pops' type show, 'Hit Machine'. (Click on the video page link once you are there to find the link to the download).

...and here's a holiday themed weezer fan page with x-mas style parody/covers of weez songs for download: Christmas In The Key Of Weezer.

...some weezer fans have gotten into the spirit over at "Make A Flake". See this one from Jan M., and below, Pete C.'s (from Weezer Island)