Kevin and Bean: Swallow My Eggnog

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Kevin and Bean: Swallow My Eggnog
Kevin and Bean: Swallow My Eggnog cover
Studio album by various
Released 2001
Recorded various
Genre radio compilation
Label KROQ
Producer(s) various

Swallow My Eggnong is the 2001 edition of the annual charity Christmas CD released locally by Los Angeles-area radio station KROQ, presented by its morning DJ duo, Kevin and Bean. It features the first release of the full-length edit of Weezer's "Always". The suggestive cover features several porn stars drinking eggnog.

Track listing

  1. Swallow My Eggnog
  2. "Ex-Miss" - New Found Glory
  3. "Someday at Christmas" - Remy Zero
  4. Seth Green's holiday message
  5. "Clint Frostwood" - Chillaz
  6. Cookin' with Walken
  7. "Get Your Dreidel on" - Pudie Tadow
  8. "Christmas in Cali" - P.O.D.
  9. Steve Erwin's Crocodile Christmas
  10. Harry Blotter & the Sorcerer's Bone
  11. "Last Christmas" - Jimmy Eat World
  12. "The Night Before Christmas" - Cypress Hill
  13. Silent Bob's Christmas Memory
  14. "Little Girls and Hobos" - The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show
  15. "Unwritten Christmas" - Unwritten Law Featuring Sum 41
  16. "Christmastime is Here" - Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine
  17. Johnny Knoxville's 'A Very Jackass Christmas'
  18. "Happy Holidays, You Bastard" - Blink 182
  19. I'll Punch You In The Face For Christmas
  20. Dave Gahan's Christmas Message
  21. "Westside" - Dr. Dyke & The Cinnamon Cowboys
  22. "Don Quixote's Christmas Bonanza" - Gorillaz
  23. Under the Mistle-Toke with Mole
  24. A Family Guy Christmas
  25. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - Coldplay
  26. "Things I Want" - Sum 41 vs. Tenacious D
  27. Jackie Chan's Christmas Message
  28. Santa Bob
  29. Afroman's Christmas Joint
  30. "Always" - Weezer
  31. "Rock 'n Pot Christmas" - Armenian Comedian
  • Tracks in italics are spoken word or comedy bits