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Leia Bell
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Background information
Birth name Leia Bell
Years active 2004–present
Website Leia Bell's Posters (Official Store)
Leia Bell with kitten.

Leia Bell is the younger sister of Brian Bell. She currently resides in Utah and is a graphic designer.


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Written by Leia Bell,

"I began my art career in the mid-1980s by selling crayon sketches door-to-door to my neighbors in Tennessee. Sadly, I spent all of these profits on pop rocks and pixy stix, but I was not discouraged. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer sometimes came back roller skating champion or Solid Gold Dancer, but somewhere thrown in on the side was always 'artist'.

"Years later, I moved from Tennessee to Utah. I learned how to snowboard (well, sort of), went to many rock shows, and spent a lot of time at the University of Utah taking classes in Photography and Printmaking.

"After graduating with a BFA in Printmaking in 2001, I really had no idea how I could ever use my fancy art degree until I started hanging out with Phil, the owner of the rock venue I frequented (it’s called Kilby Court, if you were wondering). He suggested that I screenprint posters for the venue-- small, colorful, eye-catching pieces that would also be collectible to the townsfolk. The plan seemed to work beautifully, for not long after I would hang up my posters, I’d walk back by the same spot and they would already be swiped. So then it began.

"Now, a few years later, Phil and I are a happy couple with three young sons (Cortez, Ivan and Oslo), an all-ages music venue, a printing studio, a wood shop, two dogs, an evil cat, a modest house, a few scattered ailanthus trees, and a soccermomish minivan all on the same street, Kilby Court."

Leia Bell's poster for Weezer


Leia has created posters for both Weezer, The Rentals, Matt Sharp, and several other notable acts. She also paints and designs T-Shirts, art prints, and illustrations.

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