MTV 120 Minutes Live

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MTV's 120 Minutes Live
MTV's 120 Minutes Live cover
Studio album by various
Released 1998
Recorded various
Genre Alternative rock
Length 52:40
Label Atlantic Records
Producer(s) Rick Hankey and Jenn Carr (executive producers: Linda Ferrando & Kurt Steffek)
Professional reviews

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MTV's 120 Minutes Live is a 1998 compilation of performances from Music Television's long-running showcase for alternative rock. Typically, the artists performed live in MTV's studios in New York, usually without an audience. These recordings have the general feel of BBC or radio session recordings.

Weezer makes an appearance with a 1994 reading of their first single, "Undone - The Sweater Song". Interestingly, this compilation seems to be fairly under the radar of the vast majority of Weezer fans, as it is rarely mentioned on boards or traded digitally.

Other artists of note that appear on the disc are Oasis, Radiohead, and a recently reunited Sex Pistols.

From the liner notes:

"When this young L.A. band came in to visit us following the release of their '94 self-titled debut album, no one could have predicted how huge this song or the follow-up single "Buddy Holly" would become. They played both songs that day and it was a truly grueling task deciding which one to include here."

Track listing

  1. "Supersonic" 4:53 - Oasis
  2. "Honey White" 3:09 - Morphine
  3. "Kimberly Austin" 3:13 - Porno For Pyros
  4. "It's About Time" 2:23 - Evan Dando
  5. "C'mon Billy" 2:58 - PJ Harvey
  6. "Undone - The Sweater Song" 4:05 - Weezer
  7. "Kiss Off" 3:49 - Violent Femmes
  8. "Particle Man" 1:55 - They Might Be Giants
  9. "Pretty Vacant" 3:19 - Sex Pistols
  10. "American Jesus" 3:11 - Bad Religion
  11. "Crazy Mary" 5:38 - Victoria Williams
  12. "Aeroplane" 4:13 - Bjork
  13. "Villains" 4:58 - Verve Pipe
  14. "Fake Plastic Trees" 4:47 - Radiohead