Magic (1990 song)

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Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Released unreleased
Recorded 1990
Label none
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo, Gurukarta Khalsa
RC# 31
Status unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Reunite Again"
(RC# 30)
(RC# 31)
"Asphalt Alleys, Broken Glass, Scattered Piles of Worthless Trash"
(RC# 32)
Lyrics for "Magic"

"Magic" is a song written in 1990 featuring music by Rivers Cuomo and lyrics by Gurukarta Khalsa (a female friend of Cuomo and Kevin Ridel). Ridel provides vocals on the track. A remix of the song was later produced, titled "Cigam".


I've dreamed of a night like this
filled with your sweet caress
hidden places only for
you and I

then kindness took me by the hand
and showed me how to understand
all the feelings that I'd had
deep inside

when you whispered next to me
your tended touch set my feelings free

in your eyes
took me by surprise

then still amazed I touched your lips
with disbelieving fingertips
all I wanted came to me
in your smile

will you stay with me tonight
your every move fills me with delight

in your eyes
took me by surprise

then you kissed me and I know
that all the feelings lead me right back to the

in your eyes
took me by surprise

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